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I’ve been unsuccessful in getting a mortgage. Can you help?

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I’ve been unsuccessful in getting a mortgage. Can you help?

High-street banks have some great mortgage products, but they tend to be round-hole solutions for round-peg problems. If your personal circumstances don't fit the exact criteria that the bank is willing to lend against, you may be unsuccessful in getting a mortgage from them. That's where an expert, independent mortgage broker comes into their own. And that means we have good news for you: yes, we should be able to help!

Amor Financial are based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells and offer mortgage services throughout Kent & Sussex 

How our mortgage advisers differ from high-street banks

As an independent, boutique mortgage broker in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, we have access to nearly all the products on the market. This means we can find imaginative solutions to complicated scenarios, to help you buy the home of your dreams or your next investment property. High-street banks are tied to advising only on their own products, but at Amor we have a wider scope. Our aim is never to hit a dead end, but to keep exploring to find a way to help you finance your ambitions.

Taking on mortgage challenges

​Not only are we willing to consider more demanding or unusual mortgage circumstances, our expert advisers relish the chance to help our clients resolve complicated situations, as they’re always the most interesting. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll research until we can offer you some options – and no matter how much leg-work we put in to find you the mortgage that’s right for you, our charges don’t change.

Complicated mortgage solutions in practice: case study 1

A couple’s estate included land and their farm house, plus a range of buildings that generated rental income: outbuildings, four terraced houses and two flats above a farm shop. They were looking at debts of £800,000, including first- and second-charge mortgages on the farm, and a commercial mortgage on the properties.

We managed to consolidate their debts into a single interest-only mortgage and raise an extra £150,000 for the acquisition of a new commercial property. Not only did we make their finance structure simpler, we also managed to reduce their total monthly payments by over £3,000.

Complicated mortgage solutions in practice: case study 2

​A trader, living and working in Switzerland, wanted to re-finance both his UK properties and purchase a new one. Most lenders can’t lend to clients paid in Swiss Francs, but we were able to find the right lenders for the three properties within 24 hours. We were able to work around our client’s busy schedule, meeting him in the UK on his next visit. We organised all the paperwork via email and were able to complete all three mortgages within just three months. The client’s number-one priority was keeping to his busy schedule and we built the service around him, meaning that he didn’t have to take time out of his busy work day to speak with us.

Making your mortgage easy

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