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If my mortgage involves a lot of work, will I pay more?

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If my mortgage involves a lot of work, will I pay more?

With a lot of services, the more time the adviser has to spend on your behalf, the more you pay. We all know that if you need legal advice, the clock is started every time you pick up the phone or your lawyer opens an email from you. But our expert mortgage advisers don't charge like that; our charges are constant no matter how much work we have to put in finding the right mortgage for you.

Amor Financial are based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells and offer mortgage services throughout Kent & Sussex 

Making your mortgage charges easy

There are many professions that charge like taxis; the meter is running the moment you hire them, and you can watch their fees ratchet up and up, even for something as simple as a quick reply to an email.There are other industries where any change to the original brief causes fees to rise, even if the work involved is the same.

Amor Financial don’t charge like that. We tell you our fee structure up front – and we stick to it, no matter how complicated it may turn out to be to find a mortgage that matches your requirements. We’ve been advising on mortgages for people in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas in Kent, Sussex and Greater London for many years, so we’ll have a good idea from our initial conversation how many lenders are likely to have a suitable mortgage product for you and how easy it is likely to be to find terms that work for you; on that basis, we will present charges that reflect the level of expertise required but offer fair value for money for you. But if we get that wrong – if your mortgage application turns out to be far more complicated than we anticipated – we suck it up!

After all, we know how stressful it can be trying to find and buy your dream home or the right investment property, so we do everything we can to minimise your stress. Making sure you don’t have any nasty surprises with our fees is one of the ways we make your mortgage as easy as possible.

Case study: later-life mortgage

We arranged a mortgage for a 74-year-old physiotherapist. Being 74, not every mortgage company was willing to lend her the money to buy a house, but we identified 15 who offered suitable later life mortgages. We contacted every single one on her behalf to find the product and terms that best matched her personal circumstances. Despite calling 15 different mortgage lenders, we didn’t increase our fees to her.

Case study: complicated mortgage and debt consolidation

We arranged a bridging loan for a client who had a very complicated situation: they had a farm with two outbuildings that generated income, as well as four terraced houses and flats above the farm shop. They had both first and second-charge mortgages on the farm and commercial mortgages on the other properties.But they were also paying £90,000 a year on debts totalling £800,000.As if that weren’t enough, they wanted to convert their original mortgage into an interest-only mortgage.

We called 30 different mortgage lenders to discuss our client’s situation and their financial aims; our 30+ phone calls enabled us to identify the only lender who would consolidate all the debt, convert the mortgage to interest only and enable the client to raise money through the mortgage. What’s more, we even managed to bring or client’s total monthly payments down by £250 a month. Despite it taking us more than 30 calls to find the one lender who could meet our client’s objectives, the fees we charged didn’t change. 

Making your mortgage easy

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