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I need my mortgage application to be as easy as possible. Can you help?

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I need my mortgage application to be as easy as possible. Can you help?

We love this question! At Amor Financial, everything we do is designed to make mortgage applications as simple and as easy as possible for people in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London. Here's how we do it.

Amor Financial are based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells and offer mortgage services throughout Kent & Sussex 

We fill in your mortgage application paperwork for you – as far as we can

​You may have experience of sitting down with a financial adviser or mortgage broker and going through a 20-page questionnaire with them. Alternatively, they send you the 20-page questionnaire and ask you to fill it in yourself. Either way, it’s the last thing you need at the end of a long day or in your precious time off – that’s why we don’t do it!

Most of the information we need we can gather through our initial conversation with you and the essential paperwork you have to send us to enable us to process your mortgage application:

  • Your ID – tells us all your relevant personal details 
  • Your bank statement – tells us about any loans, credit cards and other regular payments, so we can assess your outgoings, as well as potentially your proof of deposit 
  • Your proof of salary – your last three payslips tell us everything we need to know about your employer and your income

So we apply a bit of common sense. Rather than going through a long form and then asking for your paperwork, we ask for it up front and take the time to go through it ourselves to find the answers we need to populate your mortgage application form – taking away a big headache for you.

We take a minimal amount of your time

Nearly two-thirds of the mortgages we secured for clients in 2018 have been for residential homes, either existing home owners or first-time buyers. But we are acting increasingly for buy-to-let and portfolio landlords, with a growing number of overseas clients as well, and have built up considerable knowledge in mortgage products available for people with foreign incomes.

We make sure the input we need from you is kept to a minimum:

  • ​We need 10 minutes on the phone with you before we begin to fill in your mortgage application
  • You need to forward to us the paperwork required by all lenders
  • We also need 10 minutes on the phone with you when we have finished filling in your mortgage application form to confirm any details of which we are unsure.

All you then have to do is sit down with a coffee (of glass of wine) to check through your completed mortgage application before we submit it.

Making your mortgage easy

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