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I have a buy-to-let mortgage but am having trouble remortgaging, can you help?

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I have a buy-to-let mortgage but am having trouble remortgaging, can you help?

Yes – we would be delighted to help. We love getting our teeth into more unusual mortgages, the ones that take a bit of strategic thinking to find a solution, so finding a buy-to-let mortgage when things aren't straightforward is right up our alley!

Amor Financial are based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells and offer mortgage services throughout Kent & Sussex 

First of all, we’re sorry that you’re struggling to remortgage your buy-to-let property.The problem is, that if you go to standard lenders, they can only provide standard solutions.If your challenge is a square peg and they’ve only got round-hole solutions, they are unlikely to be able to help you. ​

This is where specialist mortgage brokers come into their own. But you need someone who doesn’t just want the easy mortgages. You need someone who is willing to comb the market to find the right mortgage product for your particular financial circumstances and aims.

Most mortgage brokers aren’t interested in cases like that – but we are. We love a challenge!

Our starting point is that there is nearly always a solution, it’s up to us to think our way through and round the problem to find it.

We have several clients with buy-to-let properties who have struggled to remortgage, whom we have been able to help. Finding the right product when the solution isn’t obvious can take time: we’ve had clients for whom we have made calls to 30 different mortgage lenders to find the solution they need. Again, a lot of mortgage brokers (quite understandably) aren’t prepared to put in that amount of work for fixed fees, and that may be the barrier you have come up against. But we’re curious: we really like to understand the market, so are willing to make those phone calls to see if we can find the needle in the haystack that is right for you.

But before you panic that this is going to cost you a lot, our fees are the same, whether we can find an instant solution or have to make numerous phone calls. ​

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