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How long will my mortgage take to go through?

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How long will my mortgage take to go through?

We always try to give our mortgage clients from Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas of Kent, Sussex and Greater London an idea of how long their mortgage application will take before we submit it. A general guide is around a fortnight, but sometimes we receive an offer within a week and sometimes it takes a bit longer.

Amor Financial are based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells and offer mortgage services throughout Kent & Sussex 

Making your mortgage application as smooth as possible

​When we’re helping people get residential and buy-to-let mortgages in Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas in Kent and Sussex, as well as greater London, we do everything we can to make sure they go through as smoothly as possible. That’s why we ask for as much information and documentation as possible up front, and why we fill in your paperwork for you so that the process is as simple and as quick as it possibly can be for you.

Our expertise and attention to detail means sometimes lenders can verify all the documents on the same day and some even issue instructions on the same day.

Reasons why mortgages get delayed

There are occasionally reasons beyond our control why the mortgage wheels can appear to be turning slowly.If we think your application might take slightly longer than normal, we will flag this up to you before we submit it so you can plan accordingly.

Some of the most common reasons for delays include:

  • Lots of paperwork, people and departments involved: The more complicated your mortgage, the longer it is likely to take to be approved.
  • Underwriters often request additional documentation: While we try and anticipate all the information that may be required, underwriters can surprise us by asking for extra evidence.
  • Valuations can delay the process: Lenders usually want to check the value of the property you are financing, and there can be a delay while this valuation is instructed and the lender waits for the report.
Making your mortgage easy

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