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Can I talk to my mortgage adviser in the evenings and weekends?

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Can I talk to my mortgage adviser in the evenings and weekends?

Absolutely no problem! At Amor Financial, we're used to working with busy people who live and work in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Greater London, so we've structured our services to be as flexible as possible to suit your lifestyle. Here's how we do it.

Amor Financial are based in the heart of Tunbridge Wells and offer mortgage services throughout Kent & Sussex 

Modern communications

​We’re a modern mortgage brokers for modern, busy people, so we use modern technology to facilitate communication at every stage. We communicate by email, text, mobile, WhatsApp and phone to facilitate smooth communications and make sure your mortgage application keep on track.

Flexible communications

We communicate by whichever platform works best for you. If you’re commuting to London and working long hours, you’re likely to want to use digital communications so you can deal with messages during your lunch break or on your way home. Conversely, many of our clients who are mums with school children find it easier to pick up the phone during the day when the house is quiet. Whatever works for you is how we’ll work for you.

Flexible availability

There’s no point having a mortgage advisor who is only available 9-5 if you can’t talk 9-5, so we make ourselves available at times to suit you. And by that, we really do mean evenings and weekends, if necessary – our founder has even been known to contact his clients while he was on holiday in Australia to make sure their mortgage application progressed smoothly!

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